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Pars Gostar AMITIS was initiated by its organizers to provide engineering, procurement and management services to projects in different industrial sectors including upstream energy industries. The main lines of business in Pars Gostar AMITIS includes engineering both detailed and procurement engineering services,  project management services which compromise MC projects and also project management consultancy and supply of materials.

Moreover, Pars Gostar AMITIS has its supply chain management portfolio as one of its main lines of business which covers the missing links between the different producers whose products are inputs of other producers to finally deliver the product to the end users.  In other words we do provide the integrative efforts required to produce the end product and recycling it back to the production cycle. In simple our company is an integrated supplier of goods and materials. Besides the ability to provide well defined solutions for the customers and the expertise pool we acquire, lower costs of labor work and existence of materials ready to be changed into more value added materials are the main advantages of cooperation with Pars Gostar AMITIS group.

AMITIS group follows its business portfolios with the intention of providing a new approach in management of supply chain of goods, Project MC, and engineering services globally. This big picture provides the energy and the motivation in the initiators of the company.


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